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We are a Sydney-based print and online publishing company founded in 2002. As a boutique publisher, we provide custom and self-publishing services to businesses across Australia.

We publish a variety of books for businesspeople wishing to get their message out to clients or to commemorate a landmark event. We take time understand your business personality: who you are, what you do, and how you do it.



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Business and commemorative books

Whether you are a business, institution, club, or association with a story to tell, a book will immortalise your history. From fundraising or corporate gifts to marketing your product, Longueville Media can help you create a lasting full-colour commemorative book that will set you apart.

With more than 350 publications under our belt, we have the experience and expertise to help you transpose your knowledge into a book.

MiniBooks for business

We know what makes a good book tick.

We also know that for many people, the idea of writing a 150, 200, or even a 300-page book is a daunting task – they would be right. It’s not for everyone.

Given the pressures and deadlines of day-to-day work, we have created the MiniBook: 40-50 page books that explain to potential clients what you do, in one easy-to-read volume.

Your MiniBook doesn’t have to cover your whole business. It might look at a new product you are launching or one element of your broader business. It’s completely up to you.




Websites by people, for people

Specialising in Squarespace and Wordpress, we have created a variety of sites that help tell our clients' stories from medium-sized enterprises to Federal Government Departments, authors, and political figures.

Justin Miller Art – One of Australia’s most respected art consultants and gallery owners. The site includes a high-res image stockroom of all available artworks and delivers SMS marketing as new artworks become available.

Xanana Gusmao – Past Prime Minister and President of Timor-Leste. His Excellency’s website educates investors about doing business in Timor-Leste.

Sentencing Law in New South Wales – Professor Stephen Odgers SC. The website allows access the complete sentencing law book and is updated at least weekly with new cases and analysis.

Forthcoming: Greg Millan – A new website and book targeted at improving health outcomes for men over 50, by one of Australia'a leading specialists in the field.


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We can help

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Writing services


We have experienced ghostwriters who work across a range of topics. If you are keen to have a book, but don’t want to write it yourself, then our ghostwriting service is the perfect solution. We work with you over an agreed period of time to draft and refine your book until it is ready for publishing.

Timeframe: around 6 months



An edited manuscript will contain suggestions, improvements and questions on every page for you to answer. During the edit we will also identify key sections of your book to repurpose for marketing. There are two levels of editing, but not all clients need both:

structural edit

This can involve a wide range of tasks such as reviewing the logic of your argument to ensure it all ‘hangs together’. Here we’ll tell you if more, or less, detail is required.


Once the structural edit is complete, the copyedit involves a much narrower range of tasks, focusing mainly on style, consistency, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Timeframe: around 4 weeks editing +/- 4 weeks for your response



Your polished manuscript is transformed into a beautiful book by our designers. We will offer you several cover design concepts and internal page designs.

Once the design is completed, we go to print!

Timeframe: around 2 weeks 


Print & eBook

We have long-standing relationships with high-quality, reliable printers.

Printing your book takes around two weeks if we print locally, or eight weeks if we print overseas.

There are pros and cons for each and we will advise on what’s best for your book.

We publish almost all books we produce for clients as eBooks as well as in print. This means you can sell your book on Amazon internationally.