Writing a book speaks volumes about you. We make sure you get it right.

Whether you are developing an idea for a book, need writing and editing assistance, or want a beautiful cover design, Longueville Media self-publishing can provide all the expertise you need.

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Most people will only write one book in their life, so they don’t have the knowledge and experience to ensure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. That’s our job.

If you are dedicated to producing a book that will inspire people, you will make a wonderful author – we’d love to talk to you.

At Longueville, we make the experience of writing and publishing an enjoyable one, resulting in a beautiful book that will live for many years to come. We are based in Sydney and published our first book in 2002. Since then we have provided self-publishing services to passionate authors across Australia and the Pacific region.


Award Winner: Inside Family Law by Zoe Durand wins 2019 APAC Family Law Book of the Year Award. Congratulations Zoe and we are proud to be the publisher of another award-winning book.


More than 300 books published

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our clients

Share your knowledge

You are a business owner or independent consultant with a passion to share your knowledge in a book that will help raise your profile and gain new clients.

You have written a story on a discrete area of history, your family, or a biography, with a desire to record this important topic.

You are an institution or government department wishing to create a report or coffee-table book that celebrates a landmark or records your institutional history.

If you do not fall into one of the three categories above, congratulations, you are creating an exciting new book and we’d love to hear more.


Inspire others with your words and deeds

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With more than 300 publications under our belt, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals.

Our proven process takes you on the journey from idea to writing, editing, design and printing. You can be anywhere on this journey, with any genre of book and we can help you.

Writing services


We have experienced ghostwriters who work across a range of topics. If you are keen to have a book but don’t want to write it yourself, then our ghostwriting service is the perfect solution. We work with you over an agreed period of time to draft and refine your book until it is ready for publishing.

Timeframe: around 6 months



An edited manuscript will contain suggestions, improvements and questions on every page for you to answer. During the edit, we will also identify key sections of your book to repurpose for marketing. There are two levels of editing, but not all clients need both:

structural edit

This can involve a wide range of tasks such as reviewing the logic of your argument to ensure it all ‘hangs together’. Here we’ll tell you if more, or less, detail is required.


Once the structural edit is complete, the copyedit involves a much narrower range of tasks, focusing mainly on style, consistency, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Timeframe: around 4 weeks editing +/- 4 weeks for your response



Your polished manuscript is transformed into a beautiful book by our designers. We will offer you several cover design concepts and internal page designs.

Once the design is completed, we go to print!

Timeframe: around 2 weeks 


Print & eBook

We have long-standing relationships with high-quality, reliable printers.

Printing your book takes around two weeks if we print locally, or eight weeks if we print overseas.

There are pros and cons for each and we will advise on what’s best for your book.

We publish almost all books we produce for clients as eBooks as well as in print. This means you can sell your book on Amazon internationally.