Renewable Energy: Clever Governance, Profitable Business

As solar and other renewable energy sources become increasingly accessible and affordable, now might be the time to consider making your organisation operate on 100% renewable energy. Energy Unlimited by renewables specialist, Barbara Albert, provides a detailed process to help you make the move. 


It is no easy task to undertake and to implement the transition cost-effectively and the level of difficulty to achieve it depends on the size and nature of your organisation and infrastructure.

Through her extensive experience working successfully with councils and corporate clients in Australia and internationally, Barbara Albert has developed a four-step process that will help you achieve your aims.

Any organisation could be fully renewable from the next energy bill, simply by deciding to purchase all their electricity from renewable sources. However, buying renewable energy from the retailer is simply a straight cost to the business and doesn’t deliver additional benefits like staff engagement, the satisfaction of producing electricity on site, or reducing the underlying energy demand. Nor does it give greater control over a business’ energy use or allow a company to innovate.

Barbara Albert’s process is designed to transition your organisation to cost-effectively power all its operations with renewable energy, using energy efficiency options that are technically and financially feasible.

An important part of the process is showing you how to get the buy-in required from key stakeholders in your organisation that will help make the process run smoothly. This approach, combined with the technical analysis and budgeting, results in the four steps:


Step 1: Lead

You must commit to a target of 100% renewable energy with a full understanding of what will be required to make the change. Through a detailed knowledge of the technology available and a clear understanding of the forces driving your business to make the change, you can define realistic and achievable goals.

Step 2: Plan

The more you plan, the easier it will be to implement. To know where you need to end up, you must analyse your current energy situation to ensure you meet your projected energy demands. Once you know the requirements, you will need to consider financing options for the equipment.

Engaging with your key stakeholders and having their support for the energy options you have identified is critical to the success of the project.

Step 3: Implement

The transition will require a clear perspective of your plan. You will need to act on the identified target areas, identify and manage risks and find the right implementation partners. Expect to refine your business case as you work and manage the change, monitor its implementation, and report to stakeholders as you proceed.

Step 4: Implement

Once implemented, you or one of your partner organisations, operates and maintains your
energy assets, so a long-term plan needs to be negotiated for this management.

Once your transition has been achieved, show the success: your 100% renewable energy transition should be celebrated and your successes shared with others in the organisation.


The transition to 100% renewable energy is an enormous task and these brief points show the big picture of how to achieve it. Barbara Albert discusses these in detail, and more in Energy Unlimited: Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy. It is packed with case studies, photos and illustrations, critical success factors, checklists and examples from the author’s experience. Albert's writing is accessible; her insights are practical, relevant, pragmatic, and clear.

Energy Unlimited is not about debates, opinions or the philosophy around renewable energy. Albert rises above the climate change debate by bringing renewable energy strategy into the realm of clever governance and profitable business. Renewable energy is the next big thing and this book will show you how to get on board.

It is available from, all good bookstores or from the author’s website.

To contact Barbara Albert about advice on transitioning your organisation to 100% renewables, call on 1300 102 195 or email her.

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