As a business owner or independent consultant with a passion to share your knowledge and inspiration, a book will help raise your profile and gain new clients.

In the business world, nothing builds credibility like writing a book.

As an author, you will have access to wider audiences, and used effectively, your book will help you receive invitations to present at events, to be interviewed by the media as an authority figure, or to contribute articles to magazines.

Your new channel

You have worked in your area of speciality for some years now and market across a variety of channels to ensure you are visible. You have your qualifications and practical expertise. You write blogs, share on social media, perhaps have a mailing list, and have produced a video or podcast.

Now it’s time to add your book to the mix. It’s time to share the body of knowledge you have built-up and to inspire people about what you do, and how you do it. 


The Longueville process

Longueville Media’s proven self-publishing process for book production ensures that your publishing journey is enjoyable and successful.

Most people will only write one book in their life. The Longueville team have all worked for major publishing houses, such as Oxford University Press, Text Media, ThompsonLegal, and Pan Macmillan, so we know what makes a book read well and present professionally.

Because we want the best for you and your book, we will challenge what you have written and recommend improvements if we believe it doesn’t hit the mark. Our professional editors, graphic designers and printers, ensure that you get the right results every step of the way. There is no point paying for someone to produce your book if you don’t receive personal, honest feedback, and advice to get it right. 

We want your work to be respected for its quality so it can stand proudly next to the books you already love.

Publishing costs

We have three levels of service. Each includes a comprehensive process to deliver your book as a finished product.


These cost ranges are based on a complete draft manuscript of approximately 30,000 words. Because no two manuscripts have the same specifications, exact quotes are provided based on the final word count of your manuscript and specific details requested by you.



We can help you at any stage of your journey and with any customisation to make your book unique. Additional work we have provided to authors includes:

  • Author or book website

  • Promotional videos

  • Facebook advertising campaign

  • LinkedIn advertising campaign

  • Publish with your own logo in the book (optional)

  • Printing in hardback

  • Printing as a leather bound hardback

  • Print on sustainable FPC papers

  • Diagram or chart drawing

  • Author interviews to assist writing your book

Delivering what you need

We can produce books in any format. Paperback is most common, but it may be that you need a more elaborate book with graphs and charts, full-colour images, or that you have 20 blue-ribbon clients for whom a leather-bound book in a slipcase, printed on sustainable Icelandic paper is the only option.

Anything is possible. With consultation and creativity, we can fashion a unique product to suit your desires.

Marketing process

The reason you publish your book is simple: to share your knowledge in order to gain new clients. So the marketing and promotion process we recommend for business authors is specifically targeted to this result, rather than purely focusing on financial return from book sales.

We can provide advice on marketing for visibility, but can also offer retail bookshop distribution nationally.