Book Cover Design Brief

In order to design the most suitable cover for your publication, we ask for your input on a few points before we begin the design.

Name *
Please provide your final book title, sub-title (if required), and the name you wish to you on the cover, exactly as it should appear.
Copy links to covers that suit the genre of your book and that you like.
Copy links to covers that you don’t believe work for the genre or that you don't like.
Identify three key words associated with this publication that will identify the most important themes you would like represented on the cover.
What emotional response are you trying to elicit from your readers? (joy, desire, greed etc)
Think about whether you want the book to have a photograph, illustration or text-based design.
Are there any specific images, or styles of images, you would like represented? (health, people, age of people, outdoors, etc)
Think about whether your book must match any business branding you have or do you want it to be independent
Are there specific colours that must be used?