Important questions for self-publishers to ask

When you publish with Longueville Media you retain all the rights to your work.

If we create charts or graphs for your book, you own the rights to those too.

Who retains the copyright on my book? 

Can I reproduce material from other books in mine?

The simple answer is yes.

The longer answer is that it comes with some restrictions. You cannot simply quote or pull sentences from other books or the internet without gaining permission from the original publisher or website owner. This is a common situation in publishing and we can help you with the process and template letters.

How much editing will my manuscript require?

The amount of editing depends on how much work has already been done by you on drafts, writing and rewriting and did we mention rewriting?

We estimate the time required based on our experience of manuscripts at various stages of their lives. However, we need to see a manuscript before being able to provide an accurate figure.

There are three levels you might expect to undertake on your manuscript:

  1. Proofread / light edit: A manuscript on which you have worked for a great deal of time with several or many reviews and drafts being completed and perhaps industry peers reviewing your work.
  2. Copyedit: A standard copyedit, with questions for the author which should be returned to the editor for checking again.
  3. Structural edit: A complete and detailed analysis and edit of the manuscript looking at all elements of structure, logic, voice and tone. This usually requires detailed work to be carried out by the author after the edit.

How much can I make from self-publishing my book?

The truth is, it's impossible to say. It depends on the market for your book, how your book is promoted, where it is sold, the size of your network, how much publicity it receives, and a whole host of other factors out of your – and our – control.

The best way to approach publishing your business book is to focus on producing great content sourced from your years of experience. If you answer the questions that your clients, or prospects, ask and show them that you have the knowledge and expertise to help them, then you are setting yourself on the right track to sell copies and gain new clients via the book.

How much will it cost?

The simple answer to this is that every book is different.

Because we offer a bespoke self-publishing service, there are many variables in the services you might use with us. The price essentially depends on the size, the design, the quality of the paper, the colour and how many copies are being printed.

Why not call Longueville Media to discuss your requirements on 02 9362 8441.


This is usually something that is done towards the end of the publishing process because by then, your editorial is complete and you know the final tone and coverage of your book.

Can you help me write the back cover 'blurb'?

How will I know what my book will look like?

Before your book goes to print you see two sets of complete proofs at different times in the publishing process. These proofs comprise the front and back covers and the spine and internal pages. 

That is entirely up to you. You can sell your book wherever you are able. 

The obvious first place is to family, friends and colleagues, or through your website. Or you might want to talk to us about our distribution services. We will also promote and offer provide a link to sell your book from the Books page on our website.

Where will I sell my book?

How can I distribute my book?

As this book will be used to promote your business, the best place to begin is to review your client and prospect lists. You might like to send copies to past client as a thank you, to present clients to show the scope of your thinking and knowledge, and of course possibly the most important group is to your prospects.

Once printed, the book becomes your business card. Give copies to anyone you see that might be a potential client or that might know someone that may become a client.

Longueville Media can provide a national bookshop distribution service through our distribution partner Dennis Jones & Associates. We view having your book for sale in bookshops as a great marketing exercise. You will be unlikely to retire on the returns, but it allows you to tell people that your book is available through their local bookshop. 

Who will market my book?

Longueville Media can help you create a marketing plan for your book and provide ideas for obtaining reviews and markets where you might gain access to your potential readers – and future clients.

This is up to you, however we usually recommend that you print around 50 copies of your book upfront. We say this because when you release your book you will want the freedom to give copies away to those clients and prospects mentioned above. If you feel constrained by only having, for example, 10 copies at hand then you will not be making the most of your hard work.

The more you print, the more the unit price decreases, but the true economies of scale really kick-in at around 700+ copies (depending on the book). If you are printing a few hundred or less, then the economies of scale in terms of unit prices do not drop dramatically.

That being said, we urge you to be realistic about numbers. We are always reluctant to have our clients print too many. We often suggest that the ideal number is to estimate how many copies you believe you will be able to move in the first 12 months after publication. There’s nothing more demoralising than having boxes of unused books sitting around in boxes!

How many books can I print?

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