Tobruk to Labuan – The life and letters of Brigadier Colín ‘Hugh’ Boyd Norman

As a recipient of the Distinguished Service Order for outstanding courageous offensive leadership in 1916 and Military Cross for in 1941, Brigadier Norman’s letters reveals the life of a man – an officer, veteran, farmer, father husband, son – an Australian man of ‘impeccable moral standards’.

Following a distinguished career with the Australian Defence Force, Brigadier Norman continued serving his country in equally distinguished roles, including as the Aide de Camp to Governor-General of Australia, Brigadier Command 13th Brigade, and Administrator of Norfolk Island. There are countless publications on the war effort. What makes Tobruk to Labuan – The life and letters of Brigadier Colín ‘Hugh’ Boyd Norman different is his personal account of the Second World War and the inclusion of photographs that have never been seen publicly of the Brigadier taken by Mr James Frances Hurley OBE, official photographer with the Australian Forces during the Great War and Second World War.

National Trust Heritage Awards 2019,
Highly Commended

The Naked Soldier: The Interpreting Rayner Hoff’d Sculptures in the Anzac Memorial, Sydney, Dr John Stace

‘A splendid history of the Anzac Memorial, full of intriguing and illuminating new knowledge and insights, and beautifully illustrated and presented.’ – Professor Peter Stanley, University of New South Wales, Canberra and past principal historian, The Australian War Memorial

‘A vivid and long overdue reappraisal of how the Anzac Memorial spoke in its time, and still speaks today.’ – Darren Mitchell, former Director, Anzac Memorial Building

‘No other Australian war memorial gives as much attention to war widows, the chief mourners, as does the Anzac Memorial in Sydney.’ – Rhondda Vanzella OAM, President, NSW War Widow’s Guild

When the Anzac Memorial, opened in 1934, eager crowds were enthralled by the evocative sculptures by Rayner Hoff. Unfortunately, controversy over one of Hoff’s artworks and his premature death resulted in these sculptures being largely overlooked for the past 80 years. The Naked Soldier reveals for the first time, the secrets of Hoff’s Anzac sculptures. It brings to light his amazing gifts to the people of New South Wales who were still grieving from the slaughter of the First World War.

Above all, this book shows that Rayner Hoff created the central sculpture, Sacrifice, to depict the burden placed on women when their men were killed in the war. A visit to the Anzac Memorial will now be a richer experience because Hoff’s messages of empathy are available to visitors.


Inside Family Law: Conversations from the Coalface, Zoë Durand

“By asking judges and lawyers to answer questions from people who have been recently separated, divorced and so on – Durand gets to the human side of law. After reading Durand’s book I feel like I have a clearer picture of what family law involves” – Joshua Krook, New Intrigue

For someone navigating the family law system after a relationship breakdown, its complex processes, jargon and unfamiliar concepts can be daunting. 

Through rare and candid conversations, Inside Family Law demystifies family law and empowers those embarking on the process. It will help you find the path to a positive outcome for everyone involved. Readers can access interviews across Australia with Judges, family lawyers, barristers, expert psychiatrists, family therapists, forensic accountants, expert business and property valuers and also firsthand accounts of the system, including children’s stories.

Though primarily intended for those separating, Inside Family Law is equally useful for family lawyers and for anyone working with families more broadly.

Inside Family Law allows readers to pick the brains of leading minds such as: Judge Joe Harman, The Honourable Justice Peter Rose, recently retired Federal Circuit Court Judges Stephen Scarlett and Robyn Sexton, Dr Antony Milch, Alison O’Neill, Linda Campbell, Brian Pickup, David Bird & Mark Lipson. 

Sentence, Professor Stephen Odgers S.C.

Available in print and online as a subscription service

Sentence is a comprehensive discussion of the law of sentencing in NSW Courts for State and Federal offences. 

Stephen Odgers S.C. is well suited to providing an incisive analysis of sentencing law, using his extensive experience as a barrister and his background in both law reform and academia.

This work covers the procedures that apply in NSW courts when sentencing offenders, the general principles that those courts must apply when determining an appropriate sentence for an offender, the factors that are commonly taken into account when sentencing an offender, and the available sentencing options. It also discusses discrete NSW sentencing courts and the applicable principles relating to appeals against sentence and other forms of review. Finally, there is a discussion of some possible avenues of reform of sentencing law.

Click here to see the sample chapter ProcedureSentence online is updated by the author on a regular basis. Updates from the third edition are highlighted.

The analysis is comprehensive and detailed, with reference to hundreds of appellate judgments.

Subscriptions and orders may be made through the author’s website.

Far and Faint: A History of the 1870s Goldrushes to the Gulgong Goldfield

Illustrated by the UNESCO Holtermann Collection Photographs

Far and Faint relates the story of the rush to the Gulgong goldfield in the 1870s. It is written from newspaper articles of the time, supplemented by other sources and is told in chronological order. Interesting stories emerge of rich finds, rapid growth, constant population flows, threatened collapse, big personalities, conflict, perseverance, struggles with authority, daily goldfields life, and the goldfield’s demise then the transition to the permanent town of Gulgong.  

Forty-seven historical photographs from the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World registered Holtermann Collection are used to illustrate people, events and locations in and around Gulgong. They give the reader a tangible experience of the goldrush and, together with the written account, an in-depth appreciation of living in 1870s Gulgong. 

The title derives from Henry Lawson’s account of revisiting Gulgong after the rush had subsided. He lamented the scenes of faded glory and reminisced: “But far and faint and faint and far comes the echo of Gulgong – Gulgong in the roaring days”.

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Words of Hope in Troubled Times: Selected speeches and writings of Jose Ramos Horta

From the Introduction: The Twenty-first Century offers us a chance, a unique chance, to coalesce around common global interests – to reverse the nefarious consequences of climate change, manage clean water reserves that are becoming a rare commodity, save our polluted rivers, lakes, and seas, replenish the depleted fish stock, eliminate extreme poverty and hunger, and de-escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula and South China Sea, and between India and Pakistan, India and China. If we were to spend less on armament, we would be able to spend more on education, health, and food security for all.

This collection of speeches and writings includes José Ramos-Horta’s most important speeches from 1992 to the end of 2017. Selected by His Excellency, the book includes the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, early speeches on peace in East Timor, and on critical international issues such as Guinea-Bissau, Myanmar, Iran, and North Korea.

José Ramos-Horta is an East Timorese politician who was the President of East Timor from 20 May 2007 to 20 May 2012. He is a co-recipient of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize.

Pales-Cover SML.jpg

The Secure CIO: How to hire and retain great cyber security talent to protect your organisation

Are you a CIO currently leading, or would like to lead, cyber or information security professionals? Do you find the idea of going to market in search of a security leader a daunting task?

This book provides a step-by-step framework to address the challenges of finding and retaining cyber security leaders. Guiding CIOs and their peers through the establishment of a Security Agenda, this straightforward framework doesn’t end at contract signing. From establishing non-negotiable traits to ensuring the new leader effectively transitions into the role, The Secure CIO removes the burden of hiring a cyber security leader.

'Claire’s ability to combine technical expertise with an understanding of how to drive organisational change is a wonderful asset.' – John Finnan, Head of Payment Operations and Group ICT, MYOB

Buy your copy on Claire Pales website: 27lanterns

'A Life of Purpose is logically organised and clearly written. Handsomely produced, it has numerous well-chosen images. While its scholarship is impeccable, it is also highly readable.' – Emeritus Professor David Carment 

JOHN SULMAN was a prodigy of his generation and a visionary Australian statesman. This is the first biography of this major figure in Australian history.

A man of tenacity and purpose, Sulman was at the forefront of the movement for an Australian ‘style’ of architecture. As a town planner, he was one of Australia’s great social reformers, and across a range of prestigious and influential positions in public life, he outshone the lives and careers of many other English architects who journeyed to Australia in the nineteenth century. 

Driven by ambition, he became the quintessential polymath – architect, artist, academic, writer, polemicist, environmentalist, philanthropist, and patron of the arts. John Sulman deserves a special place in Australian history for the outstanding and influential role he played in the development of the country’s cultural identity. 

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Screening Tool for Assessing Risk of Suicide (STARS)
published for

Griffith University

STARS can be used by any workers in the field of suicide prevention who are in a position to undertake screening of suicide risk as a part of their worker role/position (e.g. crisis worker, mental health worker, and physician's alike).

To discuss using the STARS assessment tool, please contact the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, Griffith University

Electrolux LORES.jpg

Made in Orange: A life and times of an extraordinary factory
published for

Electrolux Australia

This is the story of a manufacturing plant whose beginnings were shaped by global events in the improbable setting of a fledgling rural city. ‘The Factory’, by which it became affectionately known, emerged during the Second World War, building armaments for the Australian government. It then recreated itself to nurture and nourish generations of local families making household appliances for a rapidly expanding nation.

This book is dedicated to the men and women who came from near and far to work at the factory and whose work touched - and will continue to touch - the lives of so many others.

An Accidental Hero, Guy Sherborne

This is the story of Fred Sherborne, a young Australian fighter pilot in World War II, shot down in August 1944, between Châteaurenard and Avignon, in the South of France. It is a story about the pursuit of his identity by French locals who wished to uncover the story of this man, and others, who fought for them, in the skies above their land.

The book accompanies an official exhibition at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, the naval air station HMAS Albatross, near Nowra, New South Wales, where parts of Commander Fred Sherborne’s Wildcat V aeroplane are on display along with other artefacts from the story.

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A Climate for Denial: why some people still reject climate change science, Arek Sinanian

"An excellent primerthis thought provoking book shines a light on a range of reasons why people don’t appreciate the urgency of the changes required." – John Connor, CEO, The Climate Institute

Climate change has become one of the most polarising issues of our time. Despite overwhelming evidence and fundamental science, some people still don’t accept that climate change is real and that human activity is contributing to it. 

If you know anyone who challenges the science of climate change – or completely denies it’s happening at all – then this book is for you, and for them. Don’t worry, your friend is human after all, and such behaviour can be explained.

Arek Sinanian, an engineer, was one of Australia’s earliest practitioners in climate change risk assessment and in 2005, was accepted into the international roster of experts for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and became the only Australian on the prestigious six-person Accreditation Panel of the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee.

New South Wales & the Great War
published for

The NSW Government

"A visually arresting and authoritative account of NSW during and after the Great War." – His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley, Governor of NSW

Longueville Media was delighted to be commissioned by the New South Wales Centenary of Anzac Committee to be the publisher on a major history book for our State: New South Wales and the Great War.

This accessible and visually stunning social history provides an unusual angle for a history of the Great War in that it looks at the impact of the war on those at home and those fighting abroad.

Leafing through its' pages is more like the experience of visiting a museum than settling down with a book. It comprises 52 double-page spread chapters that combine text, images of artefacts and objects from public and private collections, and photographs – many of which are previously unpublished.

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Justin Miller is one of Australia’s most trusted art advisors. He negotiates for a number of the nation’s most important private and corporate collectors, advising on the purchase and sale of 19th and 20th century Australian, European, American and Asian paintings, drawings and sculptures. 

Longueville produces his seasonal art catalogues and brochures.

Energy Unlimited, Barbara Albert


"An incredible how-to guide for those leaders looking to bring their organisations along energy sustainability journey. Albert's writing is accessible, her insights are practical, relevant and clear." – Amazon customer review

If you would like to reduce or eliminate fossil fuels in your organisation but need to build a business case to get others on board or if you are an engaged community member who wants to find out more about renewable energy, then this book is for you. 

Packed with case studies, critical success factors, illustrations, checklists and practical examples from the author’s experience Energy Unlimited provides a powerful, step-by-step framework that will walk you through the end-to-end process of converting to renewable energy

Visit the author's website, 100% Renewables

Your Business, Your Life, Peter Gialouris

You’re a business owner. Ever feel there’s never enough money, help, or time? And no way forward? You’re not alone. 

You already know how to run your business. What you invariably lack is sufficient time to ensure your money and efforts work not just for your business but for YOU. 

Your Business, Your Life helps you identify where to make changes to become more financially secure and independent of your business. Your business should work for you. By making sure it does, you will realise the rewards.

Every business owner should aim to become financially independent of their business.

5 Minute Business, Mark Middo

"5 Minute Business is a bible for people wanting to start a online business fast and cost effectively" – Sydney Morning Herald

"I’m putting my money on 5 Minute Business becoming the go to book for anyone looking to turn an online business idea into reality FAST. I am recommending it to everyone I speak to, it’s simply a must read." – James Tuckerman, Editor and Chief Anthill Magazine

"I am in love with this book. I've read it twice. Great info. So practical. When he says it, it just makes sense!" – Amazon Customer

Since its release in 2013, 5 Minute Business fast became a cult classic for start up businesses that need to get started fast and cost effectively. Think Lean Startup meets the 4 Hour Work Week, this book generated over 42,000 downloads on Kindle within the first 3 days of its release.

As one of the first books to discuss growth hacking, the book delves deep into hacking the idea creation phase.

Visit the author's website, 5 Minute Business

Raising a Nation
published for

HE Xanana Gusmão

The third volume of Xanana Gusmão’s speeches, shows the intellect, emotion, and poetry that the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste displayed in his public speaking, and in his leadership.

Xanana Gusmão’s journey to become leader of his country is one of the world’s great stories. From guerrilla fighter during his country’s occupation, to a prisoner in exile, and finally returning to become one of the founding fathers of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Xanana Gusmão’s life has provided him with the political and visceral experiences that few other modern political leaders possess.

The speeches collected here, celebrate how one man has taken his small, new nation onto the international stage. To the world’s established nations they stand as a reminder that leaders with honesty, humility, and clarity of vision have a place in our world. To emerging nations, following in Timor-Leste’s footsteps, these speeches will provide practical insight into nationbuilding in the twenty-first century.

There is much yet to be achieved in Timor-Leste, but through these speeches we begin to understand where the nation has come from. This will give its people, and the rest of the world, great hope for its future.

His Excellency retired as Prime Minister on 6 February 2015.

Xanana Gusmão: Strategies for the Future
published for

HE Xanana Gusmao

The second collection of speeches by His Excellency Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

Selected from speeches given over the period 2007-2011, this volume is defined by those relating to the Prime Minister’s Strategic Development Plan for Timor-Leste – a plan that sets a vision for the next two decades and begins a new stage of bold national development for this young and promising country.

The book also provides a view of the country’s current position and its potential in terms of social capital, infrastructure and economic development through speeches covering topics such as nationbuilding and peacebuilding, development, governance, international meetings, law and security. Inherent in the speeches is the theme of forgiveness – a rare and unique trait for a resilient nation that has suffered so much in its recent history.

‘This collection of Xanana Gusmão’s speeches indicates something about the man, and more about the challenges ahead for Timor-Leste. Like other great leaders, Xanana has shown by example the importance of forgiveness. It is not about forgetting the past or granting impunity to those who have caused suffering; rather, it is about understanding the past and learning how to move forward into the future.’ – Major General (Ret’d) Michael G. Smith AO

Email Longueville for a copy of the book.

Well Said, Amber Daines

Whether you are fronting a start-up, striving as a corporate leader, seeking to grow your brand or fuelling a not-for-profit group, Amber Daines’ latest book Well Said: How to be Heard in Business and Generate Real Influence and complementing six-part video series unpacks the proven steps to be heard successfully. With 25 original case studies of successful leaders and gamechangers from varied industries and Action Lists, Well Said enables you to easily master the tools and techniques essential to clarify and amplify your spoken words both in the workplace and beyond.

The book covers: Why speaking is the key to influencing others into action; How to craft your story; Knowing your key audience; Identifying your message; Tips to delivering pitches; Choosing the right forum; Getting your message heard; Using traditional and social media to generate credibility and brand power, and Curating the best content for your clients and stakeholders

To purchase a copy of Well Said, visit the author's online shop.

Capture My Attention, Jordana Borensztajn

"I finally found a book, no, THE book which I could immediately connect with from page one. It clarified so many grey areas for me and left me bursting with usable ideas ... it delivers great quality content, in an entertaining way. I'll be watching out for her next book(s)." – Terry, Amazon Customer

"Jordana bottles energy and creativity in an enjoyable read that makes you laugh and teaches you how to stand out from the herd." – Ian Altman, Amazon Customer

Every minute, every hour, every second millions of people around the world are posting, commenting and chronically oversharing online. So, how can you make your brand stand out among all this chaos? You need creative content. 

One of the most powerful marketing tools is differentiation, and the best way to have an impact is by being creative. Capture My Attention is your complete guide to creating online content that will attract attention and make you stand out from your competitors.

With hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, Capture My Attention will teach you: What creativity is, and how to apply it to your online content; Finding your brand voice and using it; Enhancing your content with visuals; Adding humour into your content toolkit; Boosting your own creativity; Lessons from creative thought-leaders.

This book is for anyone building their brand online, including marketers, business developers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, start-ups, and more.

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Network Centred Leadership, Charles Carnegie & Dennis McDonald
published for

The Waypoint Group

"Simply a must have resource!" – Max, Amazon Customer

"... there are really some new thoughts here." – Steve K, Amazon Customer

Companies now face a more volatile, unpredictable and complex environment than ever before. Established businesses are breaking down and for many new growth models are not yet clear. 

To deal with this new reality, many companies are rolling out new collaborative approaches and technologies that connect people in new and powerful ways. Many experienced leaders are confident they will be able to figure out how to use these new social approaches and platforms as they go along. They personally use Linked-in or Facebook and think it will be easy. 

Unfortunately it is not. In most companies it is not clear how these new collaborative technologies will deliver better business outcomes. The sad reality is that many leaders are still trying to apply management approaches that are decades old. They are at a significant disadvantage to the next generation of ‘digital native’ leaders who grew using social platforms and collaborative learning as their default position. 

If you rely on email, ‘top down’ strategy development and situational leadership, then Network Centred Leadership is for you.

Visit the author's website, The Waypoint Group

Changing Shape, Martin Stewart-Weeks and Lindsay Tanner

"As expected, it is beautifully written with a great turn of phrase. If you are curious about the potential impact of Internet based digital technology on institutional evolution, then this book is for you." – Michael Gill, Amazon

"Wonderfully written and extremely well researched." – Darren Scott, Amazon

"Abounds with insights and useful perspectives for institutions navigating this 'age of turbulent and unpredictable transition' and leaders interested in progressing the 'networked mindset' " – Jason Romney, Amazon

Successful institutions in the digital world must rekindle their capacity, to remain alive and in motion. Institutions and technology don’t understand each other very well. That is both surprising and frustrating because they each change the shape, and influence the performance and potential, of the other in profound and sometimes unexpected ways. 

The interaction of institutions and technology has always been important, but perhaps never more so than now, as we stand on the edge of the networked digital era whose possibilities, potential and risks we’ve barely started to understand, much less master. 

In this book, Martin Stewart-Weeks and Lindsay Tanner explore the different ways in which digital technologies are changing the shape of many of the core institutions of government, business, education, and civil society. Visit the author's website, Public Purpose

Internet Wars: The Struggle for Power in the 21st Century

"... thoughtfully portrays how power structures are being twisted, bent and broken by people and institutions who are Internet-smart' – Alec Ross, Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

"This book is easy to read and hard to stop reading and has a thriller type of style to it."  Bookreader, Amazon Customer

"This book is an absolute must-read! Internet Wars is an insightful and thought-provoking examination of the ways the internet is rapidly changing our society. The writing is breezy and engaging and packed full of memorable stories."  Lauren, Amazon Customer

"A masterful account and analysis of the 'messy reality' of the internet and how it is changing the world - not always in a good way."  Alex Oliver

Vivid, bold and brisk, Internet Wars traces one of the most critical emerging power struggles of the 21st century, the battle to control the internet. Already exploitation of this super-network has helped create the world's most valuable company, toppled governments, led to the largest wealth transfer in history, and created the most extensive global surveillance system ever known. Google's Eric Schmidt described the internet as 'the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand'. Yet only by understanding the broad currents of the internet's growth will we be able to secure its vitality and promise into the future.

Internet Wars is a call to action for a more informed debate about a contest that will profoundly affect us all for generations to come.

Build Your Leader Identity

This book aims to give you the skills to build your own unique leader identity – the self-expression of who you are as a leader. It is a personal approach that asks you to consider how your core values and individual history affect your leadership, whatever your position. It questions how events in your life, and your multiple identities such as daughter or son, manager or team member, may have reinforced or undermined your ideas about your potential to lead, or what leadership means to you. It is a process that celebrates diversity; a journey where one size for leadership does not fit all.

Build Your Leader Identity has the potential to transform the way you think about yourself and your ability to become a more empowered, conscious leader in your chosen area.

Visit the author's website, Roar People