If you own a business and have dreamed of writing a book about your work, then a MiniBook is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd – fast.

A MiniBook for your business

Longueville Media has been publishing business books since we began in 2002, so we know what makes a good book tick.

For many people, the idea of writing a 150, 200, or even a 300-page book is a daunting task – they would be right. It’s not for everyone.

Given the pressures and deadlines of day-to-day work, we have created the MiniBook: 40-50 page books that explain to potential clients what you do, in one easy-to-read volume.

Your MiniBook doesn’t have to cover your whole business. It might look at a new product you are launching or one element of your broader business. It’s completely up to you.

Why a MiniBook?

Your ideas out fast – as a book

Showcase your expertise

Attract new business opportunities sooner

Give away or sell as a printed book and eBook

Who could use a MiniBook?

Architects: Showcasing recent work in full colour

Financial Advisers and Accountants: Discussing your strategy for managing clients’ finances and accounts

Organisations: Commemorating a landmark

Artists: Displaying your latest and greatest works

Businesspeople: If you own a small business then a MiniBook is a great, cost-effective, passive lead generator

What you get

Idea to book in 6 Weeks.

Our streamlined MiniBook Package includes everything required to produce your MiniBook in 6 weeks from idea to finished product.

Written and edited by experienced professionals

Beautiful book designed by publishing industry graphic artists

200 printed paperback copies with a full colour cover and black and white interior, in A5 format or similar size

eBook in epub and/or PDF format

ISBN and registration with the National Library of Australia

Cost: A$9,900

(Including GST)

Five-step process

  1. You complete a brief questionnaire, but we need your help to understand what you want to discuss, so we ask that you provide Longueville with:

    • guidance on your key ideas, business goals and business audience

    • business notes and documents that describe what you do and how you do it

    • 2-3 industry testimonials for the front of your MiniBook

    • a studio-quality photograph of you or your team

  2. We compile and write the draft 7000-word manuscript for you to review.

  3. We review, refine, edit and proofread the draft MiniBook to deliver a final document.

  4. We design the book cover and internal pages, purchase an ISBN and register your MiniBook with the National Library of Australia so it is on the public record.

  5. We print 200 paperback copies with a colour cover and black and white interior.

Deluxe options

For those who want something a little more unique, or whose business environment demands an unusual format, we can customise your MiniBook to suit your requirements.

It may be that your business needs graphs and charts to display what you do, that you need full colour images of your work, or that you have 20 blue-ribbon clients for whom a leather-bound book in a slipcase, printed on sustainable Icelandic paper is the only option.

Anything is possible. With consultation and creativity we can fashion a unique product to suit your desires.

Here are a few of the additional options:


Interviews – If you would prefer to be interviewed to create the content for your book, that’s no problem.
Cost $2500

Graph or chart drawing.png

Charts or diagrams – If you would like to include charts, diagrams or illustrations we can draw those.
Cost $75 per drawing


Alternative word count – If you have a lot to say about your work, then you might like a longer book. Tell us what you would like and we’ll create it based on your specific requirements.
Quoted based upon request


Deluxe print – Not everyone wants the same printing style or quantity. Custom print options are available for almost any style or format, for example hardback, full colour pages, even leather-bound editions.
Quoted based upon request.

Amazon online sales.png

Amazon set-up – Account set-up and upload to Amazon for international print-on-demand and eBook sales.
Cost: $550


Your most creative MiniBook dreams fulfilled

Quoted as required

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