A book helps to establish you as a leader in your field

We have specific expertise in developing ideas and advising on publishing books for Australian businesses.

Having worked as a marketing manager for Oxford University Press, commissioning editor for law textbooks at Thompson Legal & Regulatory, and as a corporate custom magazine publisher, my focus is on creating a high quality, unique product, with a commercial approach that works.
— David Longfield, Managing Director of Longueville Media

A passion for publishing

Our passion is to help business authors find and express their unique angle, to help them stand out in the market and, ultimately, to publish the book their competitors will wish they had written. 

We have published dozens of books since 2002  for up-and-coming or established SMEs and independent consultants. We only publish those of which we can be proud, so we’ve also reworked – or rejected – many books over these years.

end-to-end service

Clients may be unsure about how to best express their unique angle or expertise. They may want an expert to turn their manuscript into a unique book. They might not know how to make their book work for them as a lead generator in the two years after its published. Rather than just publishing a book, we work across all these challenging areas, to deliver our clients the best product from start to finish.

The process to publish a high quality, unique book, and to market it effectively, takes approximately 4–6 months. We will be with you all the way to ensure that you find and express your unique angle and publish the books your competitors will wish they had written.