Creating a book is a detailed process that requires collaboration and consultation to achieve the best results. Being new to any industry means it’s sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Taking a step back, there are FIVE top-level elements that bind together the detail of producing your book.

We are keen for you to know the five steps, understand what is involved in each, but then trust the process, step back and let Longueville worry about managing the detail within each step. As a publisher, it’s our job to advise, support and coordinate the publishing of your book.

PublishingProcess copy.png

Step 1

The process begins: Scoping & Manuscript Review

We review your manuscript and discuss our approach with you.

Establish a schedule for production and begin the admin that we do on your behalf, which includes:

  • Register ISBN

  • Register your book with the National Library of Australia and other state libraries.

Step 2

Professional Editing

Your manuscript is edited: either a structural edit or a copyedit, depending on the agreed work to be done.

You review your edited manuscript (this may involve several rounds of discussions). Among other things, this involves reviewing the logic of your argument to ensure it all ‘hangs together’. 

Your edited manuscript will contain suggestions, improvements and questions on virtually every page for you to answer.

The edited manuscript is tidied-up and prepared for design. 

APPROVAL You sign-off on your edit before we begin design.This is followed by a final edit and proofread.

Timeframe: around 2-3 weeks editing + 2 weeks for your review and response.

Step 3


You complete a ‘Cover  Design Brief’ to set the design on its correct path.

Cover and internal page design begins and you receive cover design concepts for comment. Following these concepts, revisions are made and a final design created.

We proofread the designed book before going to print. 

APPROVAL You sign-off on your designed book before we go to print.

Timeframe: around 4 weeks (design runs parallel to the editing process)

Step 4

Marketing activities

We started this process during the edit, but now it all comes together as we approach the launch.

Print-on-demand and eBook files are uploaded to Amazon and copies of your book are sent to the bookshop distributor.

We will identify blog posts, social media links and extracts to use in your publicity, including blog post articles and social media extracts.

We'll then begin work on your book launch and a series of three workshops. 

All this helps make the most of your book on its launch.

Step 5

Print & ebook

Book files are prepared for print and the printer provides printer’s proofs to be checked (this is your final chance for changes).

You decide on print quantity: how many books will you need for the first 12-18 months?

The eBook file is created and the printed book and eBook file are delivered to you.  This usually takes 3 weeks for local (Australia) printing or 8-9 weeks if your book is being printed overseas.

APPROVAL You sign-off on printer’s proofs before printing.