Independent Publishing
for Business Leaders


At Longueville, we have specific expertise in developing ideas and advising on publishing books for Australian businesses.


A passion for publishing

Our passion is to help independent authors find and express their unique angle, to help them stand out in the market and, ultimately, to publish the book their competitors will wish they had written. 

We have published more than fifty books over the last ten years for up-and-coming or established SMEs and independent consultants. We only publish those of which we can be proud, so we’ve also reworked – or rejected – plenty of books over these years.


our foundations

David Longfield is the Managing Director of Longueville: “Having worked as a marketing manager for Oxford University Press, commissioning editor for law textbooks at Thompson Legal & Regulatory, and as a corporate custom magazine publisher, my focus is on creating a high quality, unique product, with a commercial approach that works.”


end-to-end service

Clients may be unsure about how to best express their unique angle or expertise. They may want an expert to turn their manuscript into a unique book. They might not know how to make their book work for them as a lead generator in the two years after its published. Rather than just publishing a book, we work across all these challenging areas, to deliver our clients the best product from start to finish.

The process to publish a high quality, unique book, and to market it effectively, takes approximately 4–6 months. We will be with you all the way to ensure that you find and express your unique angle and publish the books your competitors will wish they had written. 


If you have a great idea for a book, or want help to turn your manuscript into a unique book that will show off your expertise, we would love to discuss it with you. Email now or call David Longfield direct on 0410 519 685.


The 5-Step Program

Our personalised 5-Step end-to-end program includes:


    Step 1: scoping & Manuscript Review

    Step 1 is a scoping meeting, where we identify the key message/s in your book, its unique angle, and what you want to acheive with it.

    Timeframe: approximately 2 weeks


    Step 2: professional Editing

    Following the Scoping session, we begin our full edit of your manuscript to refine and develop your work. Among other things, this involves reviewing the logic of your argument to ensure it all ‘hangs together’. 

    Your edited manuscript will contain suggestions, improvements and questions on every page for you to answer. This is followed by a final edit and proofread.

    Timeframe: around 4 weeks editing + 5 weeks for your response.


    Step 3: review & refine

    In this step we review the Author Corrections and clarify final questions from structural edit so your manuscript is 95% complete. 

    We'll also help craft an Introduction and suggesting further improvements where required.

    Timeframe: around 4 weeks


    Step 4: marketing activities

    We started this process during the edit, but now it all comes together as we approach the launch.

    We will identify blog posts, social media links and extracts to use in your publicity, including blog post articles and social media extracts.

    We'll then begin work on your book launch and a series of three workshops. 

    All this helps make the most of your book on its launch.


    Step 5: design, print & ebook

    Designing the internal pages and cover of your book is the final step to producing a book that others will covet.

    Printing it takes around 2 weeks if we print locally, or 8 if we print overseas. There are pros and cons for each and we will advise on what’s best for your book.

    We can also publish your book electronically as an eBook.